What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a home that supports one of our breeding dogs. In order to be good breeders, we have to keep, evaluate and add quality bloodlines to our program. However, we also must limit the number of dogs in our home in order to give all our breeding dogs the loving family environment each and everyone of them deserves. We place some breeding dogs with families who are looking to own one of our amazing dogs and raise them as their own. They care for them as their beloved pet, and offer all the training and nurturing they need to thrive in a family setting. As the dog reaches breeding age, we will complete its health testing, and determine if it is suitable to continue in our breeding program until the age of retirement. 

If suitable, we will pick up the dog to do its “job” a handful of times. Once their breeding career is over, they will retire from our program. At that time, we pay for dog to be neutered and transfer full ownership to the guardian home.


Guardian Home

We do this so that our breeding dogs can live normal lives in a normal family and when retired, they do not have to be re-homed after years of being with us. They keep the same family their entire lives. We keep a limited number of dogs in our home so it never becomes a “kennel” environment. We feel it is the most humane way for us to have the dogs needed to run a program and keep our animals as happy and care free as possible. Our guardian homes will preferably live within a 1 hour drive of Fallbrook, CA. However we will make exceptions for those further if it is the right home. Good communication is key to being a guardian parent. The timing of our breeding is crucial and we will need access to our breeding dogs when the time is right. Think you would make a great Guardian Family? CONTACT US for more info about Guardian Homes and their role in reputable breeding programs