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Boston Terriers

All About Bostons - Boston Terrier Traits

Boston Terrier Traits

What is a Boston Terrier and why are they so loved?

The Boston Terrier breed are jovial, cheeky, good natured dogs with lots of energy, who can play hard and then spend hours snuggling on the couch. Having Raised Great Danes previous to this, we like to say Bostons are the Small dog with a Giant Personality.  They often become your little shadow, following you around the house. Wherever you are, your Boston Terrier is not far behind. Some other Boston Terrier traits are its smushy face, its stinky gas, and its propensity for FUN!

Boston Terrier Temperament

What is the Boston Terrier Temperament like? AKC says, “A bright dog with a natural gift for comedy, the dapper Bostonian is a steady source of smiles.” Bostons are great with kids, great with other pets, and affectionate with family. 

Boston Terrier Size and Weight

Many people want to know what they can expect for a Boston Terrier size and weight. The average weight for the Boston Terrier breed is between 10-25 lbs. While we never promise a specific size, you can guess what size a puppy may be by looking at the weights of parents and grandparents. There are purebred Bostons that have reached 30-35lbs in size. And there are those under 10 lbs. Neither is ideal. The most desirable are the 3 sizes categories in the Boston Terrier Standard; 10-15lbs, 15-20lbs, and 20-25lbs. There are some breeders claiming to have mini or teacup Boston Terriers. While rarely there may be a single tiny Boston produced, if there is an entire litter of “Teacup Boston Terrier”, be aware that they are likely a Chihuahua Boston Mix. 

Boston Terrier Ears

Bostons have characteristically stand-up ears. Their ears tend to be more pointy where French Bulldog ears tend to have a more rounded bell of the ears. Do Boston Terrier ears need to be cropped? No, a Boston’s ears will usually stand without cropping. 

Why are my Boston Terrier Ears bending backwards? This is usually seen right before ears stand straight. Many believe it is an indication of a puppy teething and that once his nutrition is finished being funneled into the teething process, the ears will stand fully. Whether this is true or not, we do see a correlation with teething and ears curling back and then standing in the Boston Terrier breed. So be happy! When you see that backward curl, they are getting ready to stand erect!

Do all Boston Terrier Ears stand? No. Some will have droopy ears for life. Puppies with heavier ear leather may have trouble standing. I have usually seen this in ears of lighter color like those that have a lot of white or a dilute color like blue or lilac. Can anything be done?

Boston Terrier Temperament

Ear Taping


While most Boston ears stand naturally, some stay droopy. For those that prefer the typical Boston look with erect ears, Ear taping can be an option. We do not endorse cruel or invasive methods of ear taping. We actually use a soft medical tape that is more gentle than a bandaid and just provides the tiny bit of support that some ears need. Here is a link to the product we like. EAR TAPE

Watch a VIDEO of Boston Terrier Ear Taping

Do Boston Terriers Have Tails?

We often get asked, “Do Boston Terriers have tails?” Contrary to popular belief, Boston terriers have tails! What does the typical Boston Terrier tail look like? Their tails are kinked, curled, bobbed, or screw tails. It is a characteristic of their spine and related to the short nosed breeds. All kinds of variations are normal and Boston tails should not need cropping. Occasionally Boston Terrier puppies are born with long tails. While one in a litter could possibly be a throw-back to the breeds used to create the Boston Terrier breed, a whole litter of long tails most likely indicate that the litter is not pure bred or its parents were not purebred. 

Here are the AKC guidelines in regards to preferred length of a tail, however, slightly longer than this is not bad, it is just not ideal for conformation showing. “The preferred tail does not exceed in length more than one-quarter the distance from set-on to hock.”

Boston Terrier Life Span

How long is a Boston Terrier life span? Typically Bostons live between 11-13 years. But some can live to 15 years with excellent care and genetics. Most common causes of death include heart disease caused by valve deterioration. How can we increase a Boston Terrier life span? See more about Boston health and nutrition HERE.

Do Boston Terriers shed?

Many want to know about Boston Terrier shedding. While Boston Terriers shed, they are considered low to medium shedders. They are a single coated breed which produces a shiny short coat that needs minimal care and upkeep. If you Boston has a problem with excessive shedding, we have seen excellent results with OMEGA 3 RICH SALMON OIL.

Male or Female Boston Terrier?

What is better for my family? A male Boston or a female Boston?

This is a matriarchal breed. Females tend to try to challenge, their human and their pack. They train easily, but tend to only obey when they feel like it! Males seem to be overall more eager to please, are less high strung, and not as bossy, but can be slightly more difficult to house train due to marking. I have had quite a few of each. They are all amazing in their own way, and will steal your heart no matter what challenges you end up with! 

I already have a dog, which gender should I get this time? Female with Female or Male with Male? In this breed we tend to see the best combinations being: Female with Male, and Male with Male. We see more issues in Female with Female combinations. However, that is really dependant on the individual dog’s personality and the strength of the pack leader. Spay/neutering at the appropriate time can also help prevent hormonal fighting. 

Do Boston Terriers Bark?

Boston Terriers are not “yippy” like many small dogs. In general, they have a deeper “woof” than you might expect from such a small body. While they do not bark a lot, they will bark to alert which makes them a good watchdog. There are always exceptions to this rule. We have spoken with some owners who say their dog has only barked a handful of times, and others who say they bark a lot when someone comes to the door, and then calm down quickly after. So your experience may slightly vary. But overall, Bostons score on the low-medium scale of barkiness in dogs. 

Boston Terrier Colors

For information on all of the Standard and Non-standard colors of the Boston  CLICK HERE.

Boston Terrier size and weight