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Boston Terrier Breeder in Southern California

West Cactus Kennels - Boston Terrier Breeder

We are your Boston Terrier Breeder in Southern California. My name is Rachel and I have been breeding healthy, confident puppies since 2009. I started with Great Danes, but their short lifespan broke my heart time and time again. When my last Dane died, I decided to find a smaller breed that lives longer. I found a small dog with a Giant personality… The Boston Terrier!

These dogs are silly, always the entertainer. They bring joy and giggles to every household, long after their puppy stage. Sure, they look serious and grand in their little tuxedo, but their court jester temperament belies their fancy dress. Since our Bostons have healed our hearts, made us laugh, and created strong bonds, we are committed to providing other families with the same joy and healing. We welcome you to the WCK family!

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Boston Terrier Breeder in Southern California
Breeders of gorgeous and healthy Boston Terrier puppies.

Boston Terrier Breeder Philosophy

As an elite Boston Terrier Breeder we produce amazing puppies with excellent health and temperament. Boston Terriers are a Brachycephalic breed. This means they have smushy faces and are prone to breathing issues and subsequent stress on their hearts. We are more responsible Boston Terrier Breeders and are attempting to increase our puppies health and vigor. We love the Boston look, but we balance that with the importance of breeding for health and ability to exercise without overly stressing their bodies. Many of our puppies have become healthy adults who can hike with their families, play fetch for hours, and handle normal outside temperature fluctuations. With each generation we hope to have more healthy airways and yet maintain the overall look of the Boston that we love so much. Because of our preference to genetic diversity, we do not limit our breeding program to the Breed Standard colors. We feel health and structure to be more important than color. While we have a personal softness for Blue Bostons, (they remind us of our Blue Great Danes), we will never breed for color over health and diversity. Fortunately, opening up our Boston terrier breeding program to any color has promoted genetic diversity and has also enabled us to have rainbow litters with a color for every preference. For more about Boston Terrier Colors CLICK HERE For more info on genetic diversity in breeding practices CLICK HERE

Featured Breeders!

Our Boston Terrier breeding program has been featured in TellTail’s breeder spotlight, and also on The Upper Pawside’s Featured Boston Terrier breeders in California. Read what other publications say about us!

Meet Your Boston Terrier Breeders

The West Cactus Kennels Family...

Boston Terrier Breeder
Nothing like a lap full of puppies!

As the owner and operator of West Cactus Kennels – reputable Boston Terrier Breeders-  Rachel is dedicated to education, training and as a self-described nerd, she is constantly reading new scientific discoveries from Veterinary Journals and studies in Reproduction, determining how to apply that to her breeding program. With regular guidance from the country’s leading Theriongoilogists by being plugged in to their teaching networks, and with mentorship from Veterinarian and Breeder, Dr. Meg Howe, Rachel is able to knowledgably care for puppies and Mamas for prime health and vigor. Some of the programs and classes she has completed include but are not limited to: 

  • Badass Breeder – puppy curriculum temperament testing and breeding philosophy
  • Midwoofery – Science based practical courses
  • AKC Breeder courses – basic knowledge
  • Avidog – breeding and training courses
  • Elite Breeder – raising the bar to achieve excellence in the breeding program
  • Good Dog – monthly webinars with the leaders in Reproduction and Genetics

Rachel is hands on with all puppy rearing, customer service, billing, daily adult dog care, etc. However we have a few other key people who help us run smoothly!

Chloe is Rachel’s adult daughter who is a Veterinary Technician and runs her own pet services company. She helps with many Veterinary related tasks and Adult Dog care for our dogs here at West Cactus Kennels. Any time Rachel has to be away, you know that the dogs and puppies are in good hands with Chloe! She can skillfully care for intensive care puppies and has been helping whelp puppies and care for c-section mamas/babies since she was 12 years old. Chloe regularly provides pet nanny services for those who cannot come to pickup in San Diego, CA. She and her husband have their own Bostons as well as a gorgeous kitten that was rescued from under the air conditioning unit at WCK!

Boston terrier dental
Chloe giving Stitch a dental cleaning.
Boston Terrier Breeders
Patti showing off her Boston Terrier Swag!

Patti is Rachel’s Mom. As a retired nurse, she is very skilled in sterilization and therapeutic tasks. It is amazing how many human medical skills transfer to Dogs, and her knowledge is vast. She has become our tube feeding expert and can handle even the most challenging intensive care puppies. She is learning enrichment and socialization tasks to help in our puppy curriculum. When we have several litters at once, her help is invaluable! We are so thankful to have her.




Our commitment to excellence and education...

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