Are you looking for super cute pictures of Boston Terrier puppies? Here are a bunch of Boston Terrier puppy pics for you to get your fix. Many of these puppies are relatives of puppies we still own and if you are interested in a specific look, let us know and we can help you select the right litter that is most likely to produce the type of Boston Puppy you desire. We have produced Blue, Lilac, Black & White, Brindle & White, Red/Brown, and Red factored Fawn. 

Boston Terrier Puppies

lilac boston terrier puppies
Blue Boston Terrier puppy
brindle boston terrier puppies
lilac boston terrier puppies
adult blue boston terrier puppy
lilac boston terrier puppy
fawn boston terrier puppy
Blue Boston litter
Black and white pup
blue boston terrier puppy with boy
blue boston yawn
boston terrier puppies
brindle and white boston puppies
lilac boston
red boston puppy
red boston and blue boston
blue boston puppy
blue puppy

They just might be the perfect dog...

Boston Terrier puppies san diego

Want a Boston Terrier puppy as your next best friend? Our past puppies have become companions to owners of many ages. They sleep in bed with them, have adventures with the kids, hike, snuggle, ride shot-gun all day, cheer us up when we are down, fetch a ball, ride on the back of a motorcycle, and swim in the pool. Boston Terriers truly are family oriented dogs. They just want to be with you and do what you are doing. They are good in apartments, houses, ranches, and in RV life. They travel easily in cabin on airplanes, in the car, and even in a backpack on a long hike!! We know your new companion can fill the space you have in your heart. What does that space look like for you? We would love to hear from you. 

boston terrier puppy pics

Boston Terrier Puppies San Diego

We are in North San Diego county and are very close to Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. We have delivered pups to Northern California, Arizona and New Mexico. We can also arrange to meet you at one of several local airports. San Diego, Los Angles, Ontario, or Long Beach airports.

How can they travel on airlines? Most airlines allow up to 2 puppies or dogs in one carrier that just has to be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Check each airline for specific size requirements for the carrier and price for the pet ticket. 


Which Boston Terrier puppy pics are your favorite?

Which of the above Boston Terrier Puppy pics are your favorite? Do you prefer a traditional Black and White or Brindle and White Boston Terrier puppy? Or are your favorites the dilute colors like the Blue Boston Terriers, and the Lilac Boston Terriers? Or maybe you like the Red or Brown Bostons, or are partial to the vibrant Fawn Boston coloring. Want to find out more about the rainbow of Boston Terrier Colors? CLICK HERE TO LEAVE BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES AND VISIT BOSTON TERRIER COLORS

Our adorable Boston Terrier puppies in San Diego County come in a variety of colors, as you can see from the above boston terrier puppy pics. Although color is not our main objective, our focus on genetic diversity naturally provides a rainbow of colors in most of our litters. For more information on Boston Terrier Puppy health CLICK HERE and for more info on genetic diversity which we use in our own Breeding Philosophy, CLICK HERE

You may notice some floppy eared Bostons in some of our pics. we find that some lighter colored Bostons have heavier or softer ear leather that may not stand as easily. A good rule of thumb is to look at the parents and grandparents to see if their ears stand. 

Ready to get on the waitlist for your Boston Terrier Puppy?

Currently our waitlist for Boston Terrier Puppies San Diego is approximately February 2023 if all goes well. Send us a message to get all the info needed to make your final decision and get on the Waitlist. Not sure if you are ready for a new puppy? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT