What are some things you will need when you take puppy home? First of all, let me tell you what is in your puppy go-home kit. We provide a few essential things that will make your life easier. The rest are things that you will need to buy according to your preferences. 

Here is what you get: 

  • Calmeroo or Snuggle Puppy – heartbeat warming puppy to help your baby settle in
  • a blanket or other soft item with mama’s scent
  • a chew toy
  • a temporary leash you can use for leash training. It is not fancy or a great color, it will get peed on, chewed on etc, so it is meant to be destroyed so that when you buy a pretty one it will last longer
  • Puppy Manual
  • Enough food to last until yours is delivered
  • All puppy records
  • Trupanion free one month of coverage
  • Microchip with registry instructions
Below are some suggestions of items we have tried and tested. We have gathered together all of our links to those helpful and essential items and put them below. You will need to buy at the very minimum: Food, Crate, Food bowls, Collar/leash or harness or both. Then we added some non-essentials that we just love. Happy shopping! 

Crate training and Sleepin' the Day Away!

Eating and Canine Enrichment

On The Go!

Toys, Toys, Toys!