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Boston Terriers

Healthy and Confident Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale

Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale
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What makes our Boston Terrier Pups so special?

Looking for Boston Terrier puppies for sale? We are elite breeders focusing on health, temperament, structure and vigor to produce an excellent pet for your family. Lots of delighted families agree our pups are amazing. (To see what past buyers have to say, visit our TESTIMONIALS)

Our Bostons are beloved members of our family, so they sleep in our beds and are never raised in outdoor kennels. When your puppy is born, it is in a whelping box in the bedroom and the first few days we barely sleep, keeping “one eye open” to make sure they are all healthy, eating and gaining weight. As they grow they are moved to different areas of the house to experience all the sights and sounds of normal family life. This provides them with the needed socialization skills to flourish in your family home as well.

Temperament tested Boston Terrier Puppies

We do a daily curriculum with our Boston Terrier pups to guarantee they are well socialized when they go home. They are exposed to household items, “scary” sounds like thunderstorms, fireworks, and kids at a birthday party. Their paws touch different flooring and textures, they see different overhead sights like balloons and birds. We even get them used to lots of genres of music! All of this makes for a more confident and less fearful puppy. But we also perform an assessment around day 50 to determine the traits of your puppy and what type of family they would be most suited to. So you get a puppy that best matches your situation.

Our Boston puppies for sale are guaranteed healthy

We have a breeding philosophy that puts Health and Genetic Diversity at the top of our list of breeding goals. While that is our primary objective, Temperament, Form and other traits are important to us as well, but that means we will never put color or a perfectly smooshy face above vigor. How?

  • We never line breed. This can set type in dogs and provide specific traits, but we feel that, with Brachycephalic dogs like Boston Terriers especially, line breeding can also increase the occurrence of specific diseases and unwanted traits. By breeding parents with no common dogs in their pedigrees we hope to decrease the COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) of our dogs, which is the percentage of shared genetics.  This results in reducing the chance of inherited diseases. 
  • We perform Genetic and OFA testing on our Parent Dogs. We guarantee your dog will never suffer from Juvenile Cataracts which is a risk to Boston Terrier Puppies. We also reduce the occurrence of Deafness, Blindness, Patellar Luxation and Heart Disease by testing parents for these conditions. 
  • Our puppies are seen by our Veterinarian several times while they are with us. They are dewormed, get their first Vaccinations, and are microchipped before going home. 
  • Our Boston Terrier Puppies go home with a Money Back 5 year Genetic Health Guarantee for life threatening genetic defects. This makes our Boston puppies superior.
To find out more about Boston Terrier Health Issues  CLICK HERE

Doggy Door Trained Boston Terrier Puppies for sale!

By the time our Boston Terrier puppies go home they have received:

  • 14 days of ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)
  • 8 Weeks of Exposure and Socialization to all types of Sights, Sounds, Smells, Locations, Surfaces, etc. to create confident and resilient puppies
  • 4 weeks of Early potty training and Doggy Door Training. By the time they go home they know that: a) we do not potty in our beds and special areas b) potty is best done outside or on areas that smell and feel like outside (grass pellets, artificial turf) c) a doggy door is not scary and we can go through it to get to the potty area and the outside play area. 

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Boston Terrier puppy for sale