What Is The Best Food For Boston Terriers?

best food for boston terriers
If you prefer raw or fresh diets, talk to us about plans to follow

A food that contains a variety of nutrients from various sources is the best food for Boston Terriers. While we agree that a raw or fresh and completely balanced diet is the best for our pups, few of us have the ability to build the ideal diet with all balanced vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy happy life. For most households, the convenience of kibble is necessary. It provides a balanced diet that fulfills as much as possible of a dog’s daily needs. Unless you purchase professionally made fresh meals or follow a professional guide with supplements, we do not recommend a completely home-prepared diet. We recommend a high-quality kibble made from high quality ingredients. You can add up to 10% fresh or raw to the meal and still keep the daily balance.

We have done lots of research, compared companies and ingredients, and have found a holistic pet nutrition company we can stand behind with high standards and a premium quality kibble. While the price looks a little higher than some on the market, it is nutrient dense so you feed less (and they poop less) and price per calorie it is similarly priced to other “premium” kibbles on the market.

pawTree food in Chicken and Oatmeal is our favorite food for puppies and adults with a higher calorie requirement. We think this is the best food for Boston Terriers. There are also foods formulated for overweight dogs and for dogs with allergies. There are both healthy grain and grain-free options. Only the highest human grade ingredients are sourced and its made in the USA.

Just as there is a lack of omega-3s in human food, there is also a lack of omega-3s in a dog’s diet. All dogs (and all humans for that matter) should be on a good omega-3 supplement. This one is our favorite since it has a super high omega 3:6 ratio. It helps with excessive shedding and gives your dog a shiny coat.

All dogs should be on a good probiotic. While most foods include a probiotic, that probiotic reacts with the oils and dies off quickly. By the time your dog eats the food, likely most of the probiotic will have dies off. This one contains probiotics, prebiotic, digestive enzymes and healing herbs to promote gut health in your pup. 

Boston Terrier Feeding

We have already covered the best food for Boston Terriers. There are a few other things you may want to know about feeding your Boston. Using the correct bowls and water can help with your Boston Terrier’s overall health as well. 


Bowls, etc.

Stainless steel is shown to collect the least bacteria, so we prefer those for feeding.  We also like slow feeders for those who eat too quickly or for those who need extra enrichment. Most slow feeders are plastic, so good daily cleaning is important. There are also some interesting new bowls that are slanted, creating the right angle for brachycephalic breeds to reduce gas. Finally, we like lick mats and kongs to do daily feedings and increase daily enrichment. 



We also prefer stainless steel for water. Ceramic can also be used and collects less bacteria than plastic. But Stainless steel is best. We find that by keeping the water bowl very clean and by using filtered water it can help in reducing tear stains. They can also be reduced by regular use of THIS

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